Regional Land Use & Zoning Maps
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April 24, 2018

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The purpose of this project is to develop a GIS database of both generalized land use and generalized zoning patterns across the South Western Region. These data are used as background to the land use section of the Long Range Transportation Plan, as well as other planning projects and studies in the future. The generalized zoning map is a unique product because not many towns or regions display their zoning districts in such a way. The generalized land use map is created from parcel data provided by the Region's municipalities, and therefore is very precise, since each parcel in the Region is coded for its specific land use. 

Below are documents which provide more information on the project as well as the final maps of generalized land use and zoning.

Below are links to download the data of the Regional Land Use component of the project, available in both ArcGIS shapefile and Google Earth formats.

For more information, contact Will Palmquist ( or 203.316.5190).