Regional Activities

Regional Planning Program

SWRPA staff is responsible for addressing a number of diverse projects under the Regional Planning Program. Specific activities include work required by State Statutes and other projects as recommended by the SWRPA policy board.

SWRPA's responsibilities include:

  1. Preparing and maintaining a Regional Plan of Development that guides the Region's growth and development. With the power to make land use and zoning decisions resting firmly with the South Western Planning Region's eight municipalities, the Regional Plan of Development benefits the towns and other policy makers by providing a regional overview that can make sense of larger forces shaping growth and development in each town. Understanding how the land use patterns and policies in the eight towns "add up" can help planning and zoning officials spot and avoid potential land use conflicts along borders, decrease potential intermunicipal conflicts, and learn about development trends in other parts of the region that may soon affect land use in their own towns.

  3. Providing advisory recommendations or regional referrals, which is a statutory function of the Agency. SWRPA provides its municipalities with advisory recommendations and information on zoning changes within 500 feet of a municipal boundary or subdivisions which abut or cross municipal boundaries that might affect other municipalities.

  5. Providing information and technical assistance to its member municipalities. SWRPA undertakes special studies on behalf of its members, assists in preparation of grant applications, holds workshops, and maintains a current database of socio-economic information, maps and plans.