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The special committee on Housing develops proposed regional housing policies and strategies for consideration by the SWRPA Policy Board.  The Committee meets on a regular basis to assess regional housing needs, review proposed housing legislation, and plan special workshops.

'Housing' shall include, but not be limited to, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom houses, apartments, and such other abodes that are commonly described as 'home'.


The Housing Committee usually meets every 1-2 months. The next meeting will be held:


  • None at this time

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A copy of the Regional Housing Needs & Supply Assessment in CD format may be obtained for a $5 postage & handling fee by calling (203) 316-5190 or e-mailing Patty Payne at payne@swrpa.org.


Dr. Floyd Lapp, Executive Director
email: lapp@swrpa.org
Phone: (203) 316-5190
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